FAQs about St. Rita of Cascia Admissions Policy

The Board of Directors has approved a new vision for the future of St. Rita High School that we believe will enable the school to maintain its unique characteristics as an all-boys high school for Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

  • What are the criteria for admissions to St. Rita High School?

Admission is based on several factors taken into consideration all at once; no one factor outweighs another. The factors (in no particular order) are: academic performance in 6th, 7th and 8th grades, family legacy (is the student a member of a St. Rita family already), ability to make a difference to the school (band member, athlete, student leader), teacher recommendation (regarding the student’s character), entrance test results, input from members of the St. Rita family who advocate for an applicant, traditional feeder schools, geographic areas to which we hope to expand and Catholic faith (while still maintaining our diversity). These are similar to the factors that are used by colleges and universities. 

  • Who decides?

The admissions office organizes teams of reviewers for all applicants; each team is composed of three members of the faculty or admissions staff.  After this review, all applications are reviewed by the Head of School, the President and the Principal; it is these three that make the final decision on each application.

  • Will St. Rita remain true to its mission and traditions in the acceptance process?

The current level of diversity and the mix of students that currently attend St. Rita is something that we cherish and want to maintain as best we can.  We are using a business model that guarantees our success by emphasizing efficiency and quality. Our commitment is to reach several goals at the same time while ensuring high academic standards for all of our students regardless of their academic level. In addition we will strive to maintain our Catholic, Augustinian traditions and values.

  • Will existing members of the St. Rita family receive any special consideration?

Yes, as mentioned above it is one of the criteria in the admissions process.

  • How will tuition be affected by the new plan?

We anticipate a historically normal increase in tuition over the next few years (anywhere between 3 and 4.5% per year). A key goal of this entire plan is to keep St. Rita affordable. We realize that many of our families struggle to make a sacrifice to send their sons here.  Our current tuition for the 2016-17 school year is $11,150.

  • In the past, a wide range of test-takers has been accepted by St. Rita and had their lives positively impacted by St. Rita. What will happen to them?

With the new comprehensive look at students, everyone who should be here at St. Rita will be; we will stay true to our formula of success. There are many ways in which students can contribute to the betterment of St. Rita and we want such students here.

  • What is the future of financial aid at St. Rita?

With the incoming freshman class, aid will be of two types: academic and need-based. Top finishers on the Entrance Exam will receive a four-year scholarship that is also tied to their continued academic excellence.   Currently those who receive merit aid based upon their academic performance will continue to do so.  The amounts of that aid for next year have yet to be determined but it should be close to current levels. We will help families as best we can to afford St. Rita. All families will have to file for Financial Aid in order to receive assistance.

  • How did the Board arrive at the number 135 for the incoming freshman class?

Our target range for the incoming freshman class is between 135 and 150; this number will ensure our long-term stability.  Currently the school can handle more than that should more students qualify and wish to attend; if more qualify, they will be accepted.