St. Rita Football Ranked #20 in Pre-season Poll

Todd Kuska couldn't find Brandon Williams.

Monday's practice had just ended, and St. Rita's head coach needed to chat with his new starting running back. Williams was expected to be lifting weights inside the school, according to intel gathered from players in the parking lot. Kuska tried to summon him with multiple runners, but to no avail. After a few more minutes of searching, Kuska gave up and moved on.

Starting Aug. 28 at Soldier Field, Kuska is unlikely to ever again lose sight of the senior.

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"We have a very tight-knit team," Williams said. "We're all friends, we all love each other. We're just one big group and I feel very good about the team this year. A lot of speed, a lot of ability and I feel like we can wreak some havoc in the CCL Blue."