April Mustangs of the Month


Each month St. Rita of Cascia High School honors one student from each class to be the Mustang of the Month.  In order for a student to be considered for the Mustang of the Month Award, he must excel or stand out in at least two of the following areas: academics, activities, athletics, spirituality or community service projects or programs.  Nominees for Mustang of the Month are those students who are vital elements to what St. Rita of Cascia High School is all about and whose efforts, accomplishments and contributions to our community sometimes go unnoticed.

Nominations are open to all faculty and staff and final selection is determined by members of Administration and Student Life & Ministry.

Freshman Mustang of the Month – Kyle James

The member of the Class of 2021 chosen to be our April Freshman Mustang of the Month is Kyle James.  Kyle comes to us from Sutherland Elementary School and is a member of New Life Covenant Baptist Church.

Kyle has been heavily active in athletics during his freshman year as a member of the freshman football team, basketball team and lacrosse team.  He is also a volunteer tutor at his mom’s school.  In the future he plans to get involve with the St. Rita Stock Club and Student Government.  Kyle was the top student in his 8th grade class and enjoys watching sports.

One member of our St. Rita staff said of Kyle, “Kyle is a very serious student and a hard worker. He takes his academics seriously and is very ready to participate in class as well. He is polite, respectful and takes full advantage of being at Rita.

When asked about his experience as a Ritaman, Kyle replied, “Even though I am only a freshman, I can already see that deciding to come to St. Rita is definitely among my best decisions in life thus far and will also prove to be one of the most important in my future.”

Sophomore Mustang of the Month – Payton Mollo

Representing the Class of 2020 as our April Sophomore Mustang of the Month is Payton Mollo.  Payton is a graduate of Everest Academy in Lemont and is a member of St. James Parish.

Payton transferred to St. Rita this year and immediate got involved in the St. Rita Theater program.  His is currently in the Theatre Club in Lockport and his parish youth group.  In the future he hopes to be able to play volleyball.  He is grateful to his parents for all that they have provided for him, especially sending him to St. Rita and allowing him to participate in various activities outside of school.

The following was said of Payton, “Payton is an excellent student in class. He does his work, he studies, and he's just an all-around respectful and kind soul.”

When asked to speak about his experience as a Ritaman, Payton replied, “I am happy that I transferred to St. Rita.  Everyone here is so nice and welcoming and I am excited to spend these next couple of years with everyone.”

Junior Mustang of the Month – Edwardo Serrano

Representing the Class of 2019 as our April Junior Mustang of the Month is Edwardo Serrano.  Edwardo attended Stevenson School and is a member of St. Bede the Venerable Parish.

Eddie is involved in a wide range of activities: Big Brothers, STEM Club, Spanish Club, Stock Club and he will be inducted into the National Honor Society next month.  He is also involved with Super Saturday at Harrison Park, which is a basketball league for kids in the Pilsen community and he helps out at his grammar school.

In his nomination the following was said of Eddie, “Eddie is more of a quiet kid so his contributions may often go unnoticed but he is an outstanding student. He works hard in and out of class for academic success, he is well-mannered and always willing to lend a helping hand. He works very well with all of his classmates and is someone that I am proud to call a Ritaman.”

Edwardo spoke of his experience as a Ritaman by saying, “My time at St. Rita has been a wonderful and impactful experience.  I have benefited and contributed to the St. Rita community, which has made my life better.”

Senior Mustang of the Month – Xavier Alexander

Leading the Class of 2018 as our April Senior Mustang of the Month is Xavier Alexander.  Xavier came to St. Rita from Heritage Middle School and is a member of the Glory to God Family Christian Center.

During his years at St. Rita, Xavier has been a part of the football program, Brothers of Unitas and the Social Justice Club.  He is also the director of his church’s camera crew, participates in his church’s youth radio and community outreach ministry and the church’s food pantry.  He plans on doing more community programs to help impoverished areas in Chicago.

One teacher said of Xavier, “I find Xavier to be an incredible leader amongst his peers and an extraordinary leader in the classroom. He is one of the most vocal students I teach, sharing his story and insights with his peers, while also respecting/hearing what they have to offer.  He is an outstanding student, and has demonstrated - in both words and actions - his commitment to social justice issue at St. Rita and in the larger Chicago community.”

Speaking about his experience as a Ritaman, Xavier said, “My time at St. Rita has been special; a place I can call home.  I am grateful and honored to be able to attend this school.  I met life-long friends here.  St. Rita will always have a special place in my heart.”