Midwest Augustinians Honor St. Rita President Ernie Mrozek '71

A fitting tribute was bestowed on St. Rita President Mr. Ernie Mrozek '71 on the evening of Friday, April 22, 2016 at the Augustinian Gala. The Fourth-Annual Augustinian Gala, part of the year-long 75th-Anniversary Diamond Jubilee of the Midwest Augustinians, took place at the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago. Mr. Mrozek has continuously supported the Augustinians through his service at St. Rita High School.

Video Generously Sponsored by a Grateful Friend of Ernie Mrozek '71

St. Rita High School Chairman and Midwest Augustinian Prior Provincial Very Rev. Bernie Scianna, O.S.A, Ph.D. '83 said, "Ernie has given of himself tirelessly to support the Augustinians through his service at St. Rita. His commitment to the order has been exemplary."

At the gala, Mr. Mrozek addressed the crowd and commented, "Fr. Tom McCarthy, O.S.A. '83 often tells our current students that they are standing on the shoulders of the roughly 25,000 Ritamen who came before them. But the truth is, all of us, including me, stand on the shoulders of several hundred Augustinians, men who dedicated their lives while at St. Rita to building men of faith and character, developing them to their full and unique potential, and preparing them to succeed, not just in school, but in all aspects of life."

It's true, Ritamen are prepared to succeed in college and beyond, this is a testament to the centuries-old Augustinian philosophy of education. Mr. Ernie Mrozek is a shining example of success; but also of someone who has used his success to strengthen St. Rita High School and the Midwest Augustinians.