St. Rita Students Graduate From Local FBI Program

By: John Nee '93

St. Rita students Anthony Driver ’17 and Jesse Pater ’16 recently graduated from a local FBI program which is offered to high school-aged kids in Chicago who may be interested in pursuing a career in the FBI. The class began last September and graduation occurred in April. The class met once every two weeks for two hours at the FBI building located on Roosevelt Road in Chicago.

During the class, students were introduced to the newest technology used by the FBI, focusing on such things as the collection and processing of evidence, hostage situations, as well as bomb scares. The instructors took the students through simulations of different cases, so they could get a feel of what it’s like to be a real FBI agent.  There was a classroom as well as a physical aspect to the class.

Jesse Pater '16

Pater, a senior at St. Rita, decided to take the class because he wanted to see if the FBI was an occupation he might want to pursue and because his uncle, a former Chicago Police Officer, now works for the FBI. According to Pater, the class “really opened my eyes to how the FBI does things.” Pater, who will be attending UIC in the fall, will major in business keeping open the possibility of one day pursuing a career in the FBI.






Anthony Driver '17

Driver, a junior, has been interested in law enforcement his entire life because of his father who is currently a Chicago Police Officer. He was impressed by the new techniques the FBI uses in collecting and processing evidence and really enjoyed the simulations of various types of hostage situations.