St. Rita Honors Straight-A, Heeney- Award-Winning Students

Successful people respond positively to challenges. Throughout their four years in high school, Ritamen are taught that well-rounded individuals are likely to succeed in life. Most importantly, Ritamen know a main factor in success is academic achievement; thus they are challenged academically at St. Rita High School, to prepare them for even greater success in college. This past semester 54 Ritamen responded to that challenge with exemplary results.  

On an unseasonably warm Sunday morning at the end of January the St. Rita Family gathered for the monthly Family Mass at the St. Rita Shrine Chapel on St. Rita High School's campus at 77th & Western Avenue.

Following Mass, not only did the Fathers' Club offer a hearty breakfast to all in attendance; but 54 Ritamen were honored as Heeney Award winners for their academic achievement of earning straight-As for the first semester of the 2015-16 school year. St. Rita's Prestigious Heeney Award is named after Michael Heeney '71 who gives every Ritaman who earns the award a $50 monetary gift. Mr. Heeney, St. Rita Chairman Fr. Bernie Scianna, '83, President Ernie Mrozek '71 and Principal Brendan Conroy (HON) were all on hand Sunday for Mass and the award presentation in the St. Rita Dining Hall.

The 2015-16 First Semester Heeney Award Winners are:

Aleman; Zackary Class of 2019
Alencastro; Jose Class of 2019
Banuelos; Jaime Class of 2019
Bartmann; Cameron Class of 2019
Bechina; Luke Class of 2016
Benson; Michael Class of 2019
Carlin; Matthew Class of 2016
Carroll; Timothy Class of 2016
Chibe; Eric Class of 2016
Coghlan; Sean Class of 2017
Condon; Payton Class of 2018
Connolly; Liam Class of 2018
Conroy; James Class of 2017
Cox; Louis Class of 2018
DeCesare; Gary Class of 2017
DeCesare; TJ Class of 2017
Eaheart; Quinn Class of 2019
Fitzgerald; Colan Class of 2017
Glynn; Terrance Class of 2017
Guel; Salvador Class of 2019
Gustafson; Kyle Class of 2019
Gutierrez; Osvaldo Class of 2018
Henze; Joseph Class of 2017
Henze; Michael Class of 2019
Keane; Victor Class of 2016
Kelly; Liam Class of 2017
Kirby; Ian Class of 2016
Laird; Kyle Class of 2019
Macander; Sean Class of 2017
March; William Class of 2018
Mariotti; Andrew Class of 2017
McCarthy; Adam Class of 2017
McGrath; Connor Class of 2019
McNamara; Quinn Class of 2016
Moredich; Benjamin Class of 2017
Mulack; Gerald Class of 2019
Murphy; Brian Class of 2017
O'Hara; Kevin Class of 2019
Ohle; Liam Class of 2019
Porter; Thomas Class of 2016
Pusateri; Vince Class of 2019
Quick; Robert Class of 2019
Quinn; Brendan Class of 2019
Sarro; Dominic Class of 2016
Schmit; Justin Class of 2016
Scianna; Trevor Class of 2017
Serrano; Edwardo Class of 2019
Smith; Sean Class of 2018
Somrek; Kyle Class of 2019
Tiernan; Michael Class of 2016
Treto; Luis Class of 2019
Ward; Joshua Class of 2019
Wojcicki; John Class of 2017
Youpel; Caleb Class of 2019