Ritamen Attend Black History Month Prayer Service at Holy Name Cathedral

On Friday, February 26, Augustinian Volunteer, Mr. Greg Tosto, accompanied twelve Ritamen to Holy Name Cathedral for participation in the Archdiocesan African American Heritage Prayer Service. This annual event, organized by the Archdiocese of Chicago Black Catholic Initiative, celebrates Black History Month as well as the uniqueness that diversity in Catholic schools provide. 

Article written by: Greg Tosto

The theme of this year's prayer service was, "We Are Different Because We Are One." The structure of the liturgy was planned almost entirely by students from the various Catholic schools in the Archdiocese and included traditional aspects of Catholic services such as scripture reading, petitions and hymns, but also integrated dance, spoken word, and even miming into the service. The entire event culminated in the honoring of Mrs. Bobbie Hicks, who was the first African American teacher in the Archdiocese.

The students in attendance included: Malcolm Banks '18 (St. Sabina), Chris Childers ’18 (St. Joseph- Homewood), Louis Cox ’18 (Roosevelt Jr. High), Melvin Cross ’17, Kailen Harris ’16 (Barnard School), Gregory Isaac ’16 (Woodlawn Charter), Brandon Narcisse ’16 (St. Bernadette Parish), Malik Scales ’16 (St. Paul Lutheran), Thomas Stacker, Jr. ’16 (Lansing Christian School), Drake Tucker ’19 (St. Sabina), Brandon Williams ’16 (Kenwood Academy), and Christopher Williams ’16 (James Blaine School). They found the unique prayer opportunity to be engaging and enlightening and many said they hope to be in attendance next year!