Augustinians Honor Standrings

Written by: The Beverly Review

At the St. Rita Shrine Chapel on April 23, John J. (Jay) Standring Jr. and his wife, Julie, were presented with the highest honor that the Augustinian Order can bestow upon an individual: Affiliation of the Faithful to the Augustinian Order, a recognition that makes them official members of the Augustinian Order without professing vows.

The exact definition of Affiliation of the Faithful to the Order according to the Augustinian Constitution is important to know when highlighting how high an honor the recognition is: “The Order has the faculty of affiliating to itself the faithful who merit special recognition because their distinguished cooperation for the good of the Order. By reason of this affiliation they belong to the Augustinian Family and share in all the spiritual benefits of the Order. All the friars, in their heart and actions, are to show their gratitude to all those who are affiliated. Affiliation is granted by the Prior General on his own initiative or upon the request of any community of the Augustinian Family. The certificate of affiliation should be granted with some solemnity. The parents of friars and sisters of solemn vows are considered affiliated to the Order from the very day of solemn profession. The Prior General can grant this affiliation to the parents of the brothers and sisters of aggregated Congregations if the Generals of these Congregations ask for it. If opportune, other expressions of honor or gratitude can also be conferred.”