St. Rita High School Holds Mock Election

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016--one of the most-anticipated election days in recent history, the St. Rita Social Sciences Department held a mock presidential election. They have been discussing the election and the highest-polled issues of its cycle in class sessions. They learned that although it has been a challenging election for Americans, it is still critically important that we display thoughtful citizenship and educate ourselves on democracy. 

Students had the opportunity to vote for president during their lunch periods. The ballot, an electronic form, is directly reflective of the Illinois ballot without the opportunity to write-in candidates. In order to reflect the national election as much as possible, St. Rita organized an electoral college.  "A" period classes, represent a “state”.  Each class will be allotted a number of our national 538 electors based upon the percentage of students within it. We are all aware that this is, by no means, reflective of teacher opinions, of course. It is simply a reflection of student votes. At the end of the day on Tuesday, St. Rita will announce the results of the popular vote and the electoral college.