November 2017 Mustangs of the Month

Each month St. Rita of Cascia High School honors one student from each class to be the Mustang of the Month.  In order for a student to be considered for the Mustang of the Month Award, he must excel or stand out in at least two of the following areas: academics, activities, athletics, spirituality or community service projects or programs.  Nominees for Mustang of the Month are those students who are vital elements to what St. Rita of Cascia High School is all about and whose efforts, accomplishments and contributions to our community sometimes go unnoticed.

Nominations are open to all faculty and staff and final selection is determined by members of Administration and Student Life & Ministry.

Freshman Mustang of the Month – Luis Gallardo

The member of the Class of 2021 chosen to be our November Freshman Mustang of the Month is Luis Gallardo.  Luis comes to us from St. Linus School and is a member of St. Bede the Venerable Parish.

Luis wasted no time getting involved at St. Rita.  He is a Student Government Representative for the Freshman Class, member of the Social Justice Club, the NATIR, the Band, Theater, Improv and the School Culture Committee.  In the future he may even get involved with the Yearbook & Social Media Club.  Outside of St. Rita, Luis volunteers at Northwestern Hospital during March.

One member of our St. Rita faculty said of Luis, “Luis is a great leader. He speaks out against bullying. He is the most respectful student and competent person as well. He is a leader and gets groups of kids together and motivated for a number of activities. He is awesome!”

When asked about his experience as a Ritaman, Luis replied, “St. Rita is one of the best experiences of my life!  I have made so many new friends here.  I am also trying new activities that I would never have imagined doing before.  I look forward to the next few years here at St. Rita.”

Sophomore Mustang of the Month – Emmett Ramos

Representing the Class of 2020 as our November Sophomore Mustang of the Month is Emmett Ramos.  Emmett is a graduate of PFC Omar E. Torres Charter School and is a member of St. Pius V Parish.

Emmett is heavily involved with the Spanish Club for which he has become an officer in only his second year.  He also participates in the Gaming Club, is a member of the School Culture Committee and hopes to get more involved with the French Club and Yearbook.  When not at St. Rita he takes part in activities with the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Foundation including such things as traveling downtown, bowling and paintball.

The following was said of Emmett, “Emmett is a gentleman, humble, wants to make SR a better place.”

When asked to speak about his experience as a Ritaman, Emmett replied, “Despite being disabled, I am still striving to succeed at and befriend many.  St. Rita is like a second home to me.  Since day one I’ve thought about coming to St. Rita and to this day I never regret it.  Thank you all for being the family I never had.”

Junior Mustang of the Month – Tommy Troesch

Representing the Class of 2019 as our November Junior Mustang of the Month is Tommy Troesch.  Tommy attended St. Barnabas School, where he is also a member of the parish community.

Tommy is involved in a wide range of activities.  He has played Baseball at St. Rita since his freshman year and is a member of the Spanish Club, the Social Justice Club, the STEM Club, and the Knights of Augustine.  Tommy is also currently in the process of working toward induction into the National Honor Society in the Spring and has been on the Gold Honor Roll is entire high school career.  Outside of St. Rita Tommy is also involved with the Special Olympics and he remains active at St. Barnabas with the St. Barnabas Youth Ministry.

In his nomination the following was said of Tommy, “Tommy is a kind, caring, respectful young man. He works hard in his classes and on the athletic field and carries himself with confidence every day he is here at St. Rita.”

Tommy spoke of his experience as a Ritaman by saying, “It is crazy to think that almost two and half years have gone by since I started at St. Rita.  I have made relationships that will last a lifetime, and I cannot wait to see what comes in the next year and a half with my Rita brothers.”

Senior Mustang of the Month – Bryan Nieciak


Leading the Class of 2018 as our November Senior Mustang of the Month is Bryan Nieciak.  Bryan is a graduate of Queen of Martyrs School and is also a member of Queen of Martyrs Parish.

In addition to excelling in the classroom where he is on the honor roll, Bryan is a Football Manager, member of the Bowling and Lacrosse Teams, involved with the Knights of Augustine and is a Big Brother.  Bryan was also inducted into the National Honor Society in May and recently completed his Caritas Project in which he conducted a blanket drive for veterans.  He is also very active outside of his time at St. Rita.  Bryan has earned the rank of Eagle Scout and is a volunteer Smith Village and The Center, a children’s farm.

One teacher said of Bryan, “Bryan is a kind, respectful student to others and faculty. He has a generous heart as evident in his volunteering certainly he represents our core values everyday of his life.”

Speaking about his experience as a Ritaman, Bryan said, “My time at St. Rita has been a blast.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of being here and I cannot imagine having gone anywhere else.  I am glad I have made brothers for life.  I love all of you guys.”