St. Rita Celebrates Pride Week

By: John Nee '93

Recently, the St. Rita Community celebrated Pride Week 2017, a time to reflect on the many things in which students, faculty, and staff take great pride.

This year the focus was on pride in academics, activities, athletics, and spirituality.  Each day during Pride Week the entire student body would come together in the Shrine Chapel during the morning activities to recognize various students for their achievements in and out of the classroom.

Teachers were asked to provide a list of two-three students that stand out as exemplary in their classes, based on the following criteria: work ethic/daily preparedness, class leadership, and high interest in learning.  The following students were recognized in front of the student body: Seniors – Trevor Scianna, Sean Macander, Jimmy Conroy, Joey Henze, TeMon Green, LaShaun Rule, Angelo Castro, Karl Wilson, Adam McCarthy, Gary DeCesare, Linas Gilius, Brian Murphy, Andrew Mariotti, John Ocampo, and Terry Glynn.  Juniors – Brylan Matthews, Peyton Condon, Ozzie Gutierrez, Will March, Joe Eberly, Paul Miller, and Matt Rodriguez.  Sophomores: Mike Henze, Pete Conroy, Kyle Gustafson, Myles Montague, Lorenzo Alvarez, Cam Bartman, Paddy Jacobus, Josh Ward, Caleb Youpel, Lemone Lampley, Mike Benson, Quinn Earheart, Robert McDonald, Jake Stefanski, and Zander Schultz.  Freshman - Anthony Nichols, Joe Vidmar, Mike Chesna, Eric Barcelona, Tahron Haynes, Carlos Sanchez, Eric Anderson, Nick Adent, Justin Roseau, Mauricio Beyes-Binfa, Evan Wojciki, Pat Cranley, and Graham Zelek.

Club Moderators were asked to provide 1-2 members of their respective clubs who have stood out as having demonstrated exceptional participation in the 2016-17 school year.  The following students were recognized: French Club – Zack Aleman and Ryan Kraft, Fantasy Sports League – Ryan Tribe and Conlan Angus, Big Brothers – Justin O’Connell and Sean Coughlin, Chess Team – John Murlastis and Payton Condon, The Natir – Kyle Gustafson, Theatre and Improv – Andrew Marriotti, Student Government – Will March, Cooking Club and Theatre – Victor Martinez,  Yearbook – Andres Ramirez, Spanish Club – Emmet Ramos, Stock Club – Mike Rutter, National Honor Society – Trevor Scianna, Computer Programming Club – John Soto, Scholastic Bowl and The Natir – Stephen Viz, Seinfeld Club – Jack Wojcicki.

Coaches were asked to provide one player to receive the “Coach Jay Standring Award” given to the teammate who exemplifies work-ethic and always puts his teammates and coaches first.  The following athletes were recognized: Football – (varsity) Keegan O’Hara, (sophs) Joe Horn, (frosh) Nick Adent, Basketball – (varsity) Ray Falk, (sophs) Miles Adams, (frosh) Miggy Zavala, Cross Country – Will March, Bowling – Josh Jackson, Swimming – Jake Kuska, Hockey – (varsity) Colan Fitzgerald, (jv) Kyle Gustafson, Soccer – (varsity) Adam McCarthy, (sophs) Jose Alencastro, (frosh) Pat Cranley, Wrestling – (varsity) Orlando Rojas, (jv) Dylan Killeen, (frosh) Nick Adent.

Lastly, the senior Kairos leaders, who put in many hours to bring Kairos into the lives of their peers were recognized.  The amazing Kairos experiences shared by seniors and juniors this year was due to the work of these fine young men: Leo Diaz, Bobby Gikas, Tommy Klementzos, Mike Kowalczyk, Jayson Rush, TJ DeCesare, Nick Durham, Danny Lawlor, Brian Murphy, Mike Redmond, Jack Wojcicki, Sean Clancy, Jake Faculak, Joey Henze, Matt Havorka, PJ Marth, Mike McDevitt, Gary DeCesare, Mike Harris, Jalen Johnson, Adam McCarthy, John Ocampo, and Trevor Scianna.