The St. Rita World Language Department Will Sell Handwoven Pulseras For Non-Profit Organization

"Pulsera" is the Spanish word for bracelet. The Pulsera Project is a Fair Trade Non-Profit organization that partners with U.S. schools to empower artists in Central America.

The World Language Department will be selling handwoven pulseras made by nearly 100 artists in Nicaragua and Guatemala as a way to support them and their communities!

Money raised from our sale will help employ the artists in high-paying jobs while also funding scholarships, youth shelters, secondary education programs, environmental programs, human rights initiatives, and much more. 

Each pulsera is a one-of-a-kind work of art and costs only $5! We will being selling the pulseras on Wednesday, March 9.  The sale will run through next Friday, March 18 in the cafeteria during all lunch periods. 

Support this great cause while also getting a beautiful bracelet to color your wrist! 

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