St. Rita Junior Jon Carlo Soriano Chosen as Drum Major

Written by:  John Nee '93

When St. Rita Band Director KC Perlberg took over the St. Rita Band last year, he inherited a very young, inexperienced group to say the least.  The band had also eliminated the position of drum major a few years prior, a position Perlberg felt very strongly about reinstating.

In this his second year at the helm, Perlberg felt it was the perfect time to re-establish the long-time position of drum major.  Members of the band were to submit applications for the position, and Perlberg, along with his captains Trev Scianna and JP Hernandez, chose two of the applicants to interview for the position.  One of those chosen was junior Jon Carlo Soriano (Our Lady of Snows, Chicago).  Soriano was asked a series of questions in the interview mostly centering on leadership and what he would do as drum major.  Soriano responded by saying, “I’d like to bring the band somewhere better and inspire younger members.  I’d like to take the band somewhere it’s never been before.”

Soriano was just what Perlberg and his captains were looking for in the process, and he was named St. Rita’s newest Drum Major.  As Drum Major, Soriano helps younger guys with their instruments, conducts and leads the band as it plays their halftime shows, keeps everyone in check, and acts as an assistant to Band Director and Michigan St. Band alum Mr. Perlberg.

Soriano, who holds an impressive 4.36 GPA and is ranked #14 in the junior class, has aspirations to attend either The University of Illinois or Purdue University to study engineering, and he plans on continuing in college with the band.