St. Rita Honors Students for Academics during Spirit Week

On Monday, April 9, in conjunction with St. Rita's Spirit Week, those students who stand out in the classroom were honored.  Faculty members were asked to identify students from each grade level that exemplify the greatest curiosity and affinity for academics, who are engaged and leaders in class activities/discussion, who listen well to others, and who show a good work ethic day in and day out. These are students who stand out as having demonstrated an exceptional spirit for learning during the 2017-2018 School Year:

The following students were selected:

Malcolm Banks ’18

Ryan Caulfield ’18

Patrick Fisler ’18

Tyler Jenkins ’18

David Mearsheimer ’18

Jose Max Perez ’18

Sean Smith ’18

Douglas Cosey ’19

Liam Daly ’19

Mick Doyle ’19

Edwardo Serrano ’19

Jacob Stefanski ’19

Drake Tucker ’19

Nicholas Adent ’20

Justin Darwin ’20


Thomas Hixson ’20

Shea Kosyla ’20

Ryan Kraft ’20

Alec Millender ’20

Kevin Murhpy ’20

Jack Nolan ’20

Conor Aguilar ’21

Nick Capuano ’21

Brian Deenihan ’21

Mel Gade ’21

Mykhai Harris ’21

Owen Kelly ’21

Angel Valdes ’21

Carson Vetor ’21

Henry Wilson ’21