St. Rita Students Celebrate Stations of the Cross Today

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Today, St. Rita students gathered together in prayer and song as they celebrated the Stations of the Cross in lieu of the weekly Wednesday Mass.  Stations of the Cross is a Lenten tradition for many Catholics and is based on the life of Jesus in the Scriptures. 


Each of the fourteen Stations was dedicated to specific groups or causes, including those who struggle with anxiety and depression; those who are condemned because of their beliefs; those who are abused or tortured; those who are rejected; parents who have experienced the loss of a child; men and women in the military and first responders; and all of our deceased loved ones.  The devotion was held in the St. Rita Shrine Chapel as well as outside on school grounds.  Fr. Richie Mercado explained that, “We connected the dedications to current issues in our society to make it relevant and meaningful to our lives today.”  Today’s activities also included prayers for peace and the end to violence in our nation’s schools.