St. Rita Band Concert Spreads Christmas Cheer

On Monday, December 17, just before the start of final exams, the legendary St. Rita Band performed in the St. Rita Shrine Chapel, before the entire student body. The concert was well-received, with the St. Rita Choir accompanying.

The concert was an interactive event as the students joined in the merry atmosphere by signing some favorite Christmas Carols.

What a great way for our Ritamen to enjoy some family atmosphere and have a little fun, before buckling down for some last-minute studying for finals.

In addition to the concert, our students and faculty have been wearing Christmas sweaters to school for the past week. Check out some of the festive sweaters in the crowd!

St. Rita Band Shines at Concert

By: Mike Swanson

It was a beautiful, sunny, Spring day on Sunday, May 6, 2018; but there are no windows in the auditorium at 7740 S. Western Avenue. The St. Rita Band provided the needed brightness during its annual Spring Band Concert. They shined in their performance on St Rita's newly-named Bernard J. DelGiorno campus.

Photo credit: Mike Morgan

Photo credit: Mike Morgan

Over 70 young men performed in four different ensembles on stage, to the delight of hundreds of concert-goers. This year, over 20 band members were part of the beginning band. These Ritamen never picked up an instrument before they walked into St. Rita last August. Now they are performing in public. They have made tremendous strides.

Another highlight of this year’s concert was the addition of the newly-formed St. Rita Choir. Most everyone on campus can’t recall exactly how long it has been since St. Rita offered choir; but everyone is in agreement that the choir is a big success and growing in popularity, despite the long absence from school.

Photo credit: Mike Morgan

Photo credit: Mike Morgan

St. Rita Band Director KC Perlberg said, “I’m happy that the concert was a success this year. We’ve been on a tremendous upward trajectory in both participation and skill levels, and I predict both with continue to rise. Even greater things are ahead for the St. Rita Band. I’m happy that our current young men are able to add to legendary history of this important part of St. Rita.”

The St. Rita Band is currently conducting a fundraising campaign for new uniforms. Please visit to make a donation.

St. Rita Junior Jon Carlo Soriano Chosen as Drum Major

Written by:  John Nee '93

When St. Rita Band Director KC Perlberg took over the St. Rita Band last year, he inherited a very young, inexperienced group to say the least.  The band had also eliminated the position of drum major a few years prior, a position Perlberg felt very strongly about reinstating.

In this his second year at the helm, Perlberg felt it was the perfect time to re-establish the long-time position of drum major.  Members of the band were to submit applications for the position, and Perlberg, along with his captains Trev Scianna and JP Hernandez, chose two of the applicants to interview for the position.  One of those chosen was junior Jon Carlo Soriano (Our Lady of Snows, Chicago).  Soriano was asked a series of questions in the interview mostly centering on leadership and what he would do as drum major.  Soriano responded by saying, “I’d like to bring the band somewhere better and inspire younger members.  I’d like to take the band somewhere it’s never been before.”

Soriano was just what Perlberg and his captains were looking for in the process, and he was named St. Rita’s newest Drum Major.  As Drum Major, Soriano helps younger guys with their instruments, conducts and leads the band as it plays their halftime shows, keeps everyone in check, and acts as an assistant to Band Director and Michigan St. Band alum Mr. Perlberg.

Soriano, who holds an impressive 4.36 GPA and is ranked #14 in the junior class, has aspirations to attend either The University of Illinois or Purdue University to study engineering, and he plans on continuing in college with the band.