Hear what some current parents have to say  about St. Rita...

“St. Rita is a true partner in everything that we are developing in our son Winston.  Faith is key in our family and St Rita’s focus on faith, prayer, and reflection is a foundation to our son’s growth.  The academic experience at St. Rita – honors and AP courses as well as academic support when needed – helps Winston develop and stretch his intellect and his curiosity.  Finally, the athletics and extracurricular activities create an environment where he can bond with his schoolmates and truly become a Ritaman.  As parents, we couldn’t be more pleased with St. Rita.” 

---Anisha & Darrell Hill, parents of  Winston, Class of 2020 and William, Class of 2023 (Sutherland Elem., Chicago)


"I cannot begin to explain how impressed our family is with St Rita and what it has meant to our son. In just under a year and a half we’ve watched him mature more than I had even hoped for.  He likes sports and those are always fun, but more importantly, his grades are way above the mediocrity he performed in grammar school.  St. Rita has made my son enjoy school. There is a reason many of the kids are there from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, even if it’s just hanging out in the McCarthy Student Center.  Another thing that has impressed my wife and I is the feeling of family we received from the minute we enrolled our son at St Rita. Our whole family has been welcomed with opened arms and treated like family as if we’ve been here for 100 years.  What you see in the open houses and recruiting videos are real. I really believe every employee there knows who every kid is. They go out of their way to get to know and make an impact on every student.  We are sad that it’s already half way over in the blink of an eye..... but excited because we still have one more son left to go through it again."

---John Valdez, father of Justin, Class of 2020 (Oak Lawn Hometown M.S., Oak Lawn)


"St. Rita is more than just an all-boys Catholic high school; it is a welcoming and inviting 'home.'  St. Rita seamlessly combines faith, academics and athletics/activities/clubs so that each has a place in our sons' daily schedules. St. Rita was the best decision our sons have made thus far!"

---Clare Napleton, mother of Marty, Class of 2013, Frank, Class of 2018, and Luke, Class of 2020 (St. Francis Xavier, LaGrange)


"Since my son has been at St. Rita, I couldn’t imagine him attending any other high school.   St. Rita is the “perfect fit” for Kyle.   He has maintained his high level of academic excellence while balancing his sports and other extra-curricular activities.   St. Rita has helped Kyle to understand the true meaning of brotherhood.  For that I’m most grateful since he is an only child.  Kyle could not have selected a better school to groom him for college and beyond, as expectations and standards are set very high---and we love the challenge…Go Rita Go!!!!"

---Takeshi James, mother of Kyle, Class of 2021 (Sutherland Elementary, Chicago)


"Choosing St. Rita was the best choice we have made; it changed my boys for the better. The brotherhood is the main thing that amazes me as both my sons know they have a family in school--not just at home. It was a concern for my sons, going from a co-ed public school to a Catholic, all-boys school.  Thankfully, they were welcomed with open arms and have made it an easy adjustment. Both my sons played basketball freshmen year and also play baseball which keeps them going.  The St. Rita staff is amazing as they are always there for us as a family...since day one. Thank you for all the help and support and giving my sons a chance in believing in themselves.

---Olivia Quintero, mother of Marc, Class of 2019 and Miguel, Class of 2020 (George Washington Middle School, Lyons)


"Living in North Plainfield, we did not want our son to be just another number in the mega-schools of the suburbs. As a 1985 graduate of St. Rita, I knew St. Rita would offer a more personal approach to his education. I believe he is not only a better student, but a better person because of St. Rita."

---Randy Tobias '85, father of Noah, Class of 2019 and Colin, Class of 2022 (Heritage Grove Middle School, Plainfield)


"The reputation St. Rita enjoys as an athletic powerhouse is well deserved, and some may be surprised to learn just how challenging and rewarding the academics are.   We have been amazed at the growth our sons have shown in their time at St. Rita, whether its academics, spiritually or sports, St. Rita is guiding them towards a bright future.  If we had to choose one thing we love about St. Rita, it is the sense of family and community.  We have never walked into St. Rita and felt alone, whether we are there for a sporting event, a meeting or parent-teacher conference, we have always felt welcome, greeted with a smile and felt at home.  The parents who were once strangers are now counted as friends and our sons have embraced the brotherhood at St. Rita.  We are certain that St. Rita will help us as parents, guide and support our Ritamen on their journey and work towards their goals.   We are looking to their future and we are all proud to be part of the St. Rita Family.   Go Mustangs!"

---Terry and Brigid Hixson, parents of Tommy, Class of 2020 and Ryan, Class of 2021 (St. Daniel the Prophet, Chicago)


"In his first two years at Saint Rita, our son has been provided much opportunity for academic, as well as personal, growth.  He has made great friends in both the classroom and on the athletic (Soccer) field.  We live in the south suburbs and he passes other Catholic high schools on his way to school each day at St. Rita.   He and us, his parents, remain thrilled that he selected St. Rita as the high school for him and greatly value the opportunities being provided him as a member of the brotherhood at St. Rita."

---Jim '84 and Colleen Breslin, parents of Brendan, Class of 2020 and Aidan, Class of 2023 (Incarnation, Crestwood)


"Life at Rita for my son and family could present a Mantra, “All People Are Welcome”. The family of Brotherhood has been magnificent beyond the campus. I have seen people from many backgrounds of all ages recognize my son for wearing the Rita logo with great extreme. Living in our current culture where division and exclusion of various people is happening, Rita is proof that we can function productively together beyond social and society ills! We are grateful to be part of the St. Rita Community!"

---Deondre Bedgood, father of Langston, Class of 2020 (Kenwood Academy, Chicago)


"The power of leadership and commitment that Will demonstrates on a daily basis stems from the faculty, staff and fellow students, who make our son the Ritaman he is today.  This school has been a family not only to our son, but also to us as parents. As this school year soon comes to a close, I know Graduation Day will be bittersweet.  But we take comfort in knowing that the brotherhood at St. Rita is something that will follow Will in the years ahead."

---Lucy March, mother of Will, Class of 2018 (St. John Fisher, Chicago)


"We would like to thank St. Rita High School for providing our son an environment in which he is flourishing academically, athletically, and socially. It is so comforting when your son looks forward to going to school everyday. We both know the bonds he has made so far, whether it be faculty, teammates, or classmates will last a lifetime. Thanks for letting us be part of the Rita family."

---Ken & Jeanne Nelson, parents of Zack, Class of 2021 (Most Holy Redeemer, Evergreen Pk.)


"St. Rita has been such a blessing to our family. We feel our son is receiving the best Catholic
education in a safe and loving environment. Learning in this atmosphere is helping him excel to his fullest potential. The core values of St. Rita are preparing him with a solid foundation to be the best person he can be, which will lead him to create a successful, happy life. As a parent, we cannot ask for anything more in a high school. We believe, in our hearts, St. Rita is the best decision our son has ever made."

---Linda Vidmar, mother of Joe, Class of 2020 (Mark Sheridan Academy, Chicago)