St. Rita Students' ACT Scores Soaring!

College admission gets tougher every year for prospective students as the number of applicants continues to increase at select colleges and universities throughout the country.  This, along with rising tuition costs, has put a premium on college admission tests such as the ACT.  The ACT is an important factor not only in admission to these select colleges and universities, but also in securing necessary financial aid to offset skyrocketing tuition costs. With that being said, the St. Rita of Cascia High School Class of 2014 secured 15.3 million dollars in college assistance (mostly academic) based on their performance as a class on the ACT.  Additionally, almost half the entire Class of 2015 (48%), who takes at least two honors level courses, scored an average of 29 on the ACT, while almost three out of four (74%) in the class who had taken at least one honors level course scored an average of 25.  These impressive numbers are proof of the high level of teaching and learning that goes on every day at St. Rita.  It also speaks to our belief at St. Rita that students who continue to challenge themselves every day and seek the most rigorous class schedule available to them benefit greatly in the end.