Mini-Schedule Night

Mini-schedule night has been set aside for Wednesday, August 29, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  You will be given the opportunity to experience the same schedule your son goes through every day.  This shortened version of one complete school day at St. Rita will allow you to spend seven(7) minutes in each of your son’s classes. In each class, the teacher will present the objectives of the course, the material with which the course deals, and the teacher’s expectations, requirements, procedures, and grading policy.  In order for you to be able to locate all of your son’s classes, you must bring a copy of his schedule.  Please ask your son for a copy of his schedule. 

 Please report to the Chapel at 7:00 p.m., where there will be a brief introduction.  You will then report to your son’s first period class.

 Please take advantage of this opportunity to set a positive tone for the school year by meeting your son’s teachers.

 For all school events, please park in the back of the school building.