Parent Teacher Conferences: October 3, 2013

Classic SR

We look forward to seeing you at our Fall Semester Parent-Teacher Conferences on October 3, 2013  Please make plans to attend these important conferences to meet your son’s teachers. Conferences are an excellent way to get an in-depth understanding of what your son is doing to excel and what he needs to do specifically to improve in his classes.



  • Create you own account.  This involves choosing a user name and password for yourself.
  • Log in to the system.  This involves typing in your user name and password, which will bring you to the Main Menu.
  • Select the activity you want to do:  making reservations.
  • Select the teachers you want to sign up for by clicking in the box by each teacher’s name.
  • The schedules of teachers you have selected will be displayed, next to each other.  You can scroll side to side to see the different teachers.  You can scroll up and down to see the different time slots that are available.
  • Reserve the slots you need by clicking in the available time slots.
  • Press SAVE to reserve the slots you have selected so far, or press SAVE/DONE when you have finished making all your reservations.
  • Check the list of your reservations.  If you are satisfied you can print your reservations, or you can go back and make changes.
  • Don’t forget to log out of the System when you are done.
  • You will find a list of your son’s teachers on Edline.  Keep in mind that you son’s schedule may have changed with the new semester.
  • If you need assistance with the reservation system, please call Mrs. Kelliher at ext. 6652.

Remember:  Your selected conference time slots are not really yours until you press the SAVE or SAVE/DONE button and see that your requested slots have been reserved for you.  If you have selected a conference time slot, but have not yet saved your reservation, someone else may be signing up for the same slot at the same time.  Whoever saves first gets the slot