St. Rita Offers New Digital Photography Class!

Last spring, veteran fine arts teacher Robyn Kurnat approached the St. Rita Curriculum Council with an idea of a new addition to the visual arts curriculum that “provides a different medium for student’s visual expressions and creativity.”  That idea came to be this fall with the addition of Digital Photography to the fine arts curriculum.Three sections of students (mostly sophomores) signed up for the new class, making it one of the most popular electives offered at St. Rita. According to Mrs. Kurnat, her goal with the class is to take an “artistic approach” that includes understanding what makes a good composition and having a good grasp on the principles of design (balance, variety, rhythm, proportion, emphasis, and unity).

The class has already been around the school building shooting the visual concept of “point of view,” and according to Mrs. Kurnat the students have been doing an amazing job thus far.  The students will continue to journalize their photo adventures throughout the semester-long class, all the while doing self-critiques on what went right and wrong and on what they learned on their adventure.

This is just one example of the great things going on in the classrooms everyday at St. Rita.  Stay tuned as we will continue to follow the most interesting classes and activities in the classrooms throughout the year.

St. Rita