St. Rita Cheerleaders Crowned National Champions

The National Cheerleaders Association and the National Dance Alliance each year administer seven National Championships including the NCA School Open National Championship. This year the St. Rita cheerleading team, made up of girls from various neighborhood schools, competed and were crowned National Champions. The competition, held at the Broadbent Arena in Louisville, Kentucky, spanned two days with 23 different teams qualifying. Teams traveled from all over the country including Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, Minnesota, Indiana, and Texas.

St. Rita’s squad put together inspiring routines, showing off their creativity, athletic ability, and teamwork. On Saturday, the team competed twice in which they received no deductions and no penalties, something very rare in the sport. By the end of the competition, the St. Rita cheerleaders had stolen the show and crowned National Champions.

Other finishers included:

Union County High School, Kentucky (4th place)

Presentation Academy, Kentucky (3rd place)

Brandeis High School, Texas (2nd place)

St Rita Cascia High School, Illinois (1st place)