St. Rita of Cascia High School Inducts Students into the Knights of Augustine

At the St. Rita of Cascia High School Family Mass on Sunday, November 13th students were inducted into the Knights of Augustine.  Currently, 155 Ritamen are enrolled in the Knights of Augustine which is a fraternal organization of students that strives to embody the Augustinian core values of Truth, Unity and Love through active prayer and community service.

Knights of Augustine activities take place both within and outside of St. Rita High School.  Monthly meetings are held to organize services provided by the Knights of Augustine and to plan activities that foster building a stronger community.  Five commissions are established to foster the mission of the Knights of Augustine.

The Service Commission is a leading force in the community that is willing and excited to serve those whose needs are great. This commission provides opportunities for students to serve a diverse community in the spirit of Truth, Unity and Love. This includes finding new locations and organizing volunteers to serve at PADS and other locations.

The Prayer Commission’s mission is to build a more prayerful place at St. Rita, in part by overseeing Morning Prayer, End of School Prayer, and Thursday Morning Novena for the faculty and student body.

The Liturgy Commission cultivates and provides an environment that is connected to reverence in the chapel. They find and provide altar servers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers for masses. The commission is also active in choosing and preparing the music for masses and other liturgies.

Members of the Faith Formation commission support those who are in preparation for entrance into the Catholic faith.

The Social Awareness Commission fosters a greater Catholic/Christian and Augustinian response to the complex realities of today’s world.  This commission provides an arena for discussion, dialogue, and positive individual and community action in the areas of race/ethnicity, gender issues, sexuality issues and environmental stewardship, among other things.

A new Knights of Augustine Senior Leadership Council was appointed for the 2011-2012 Academic Year.  The council is led senior by Chris Ciciora, Faith Formation (Chicago-Mt. Greenwood, St. Christina), Dave Ciciora, Prayer (Chicago-Mt. Greenwood, St. Christina), Brad Dorng, Service (Chicago-Beverly, St. John Fisher), Sean Esposito, Faith Formation (Oak Forest, Central Middle School), Nick Dachota, Liturgy (Chicago-Mt. Greenwood), Billy Henry, Prayer (Orland Park, Jerling JHS), Mike Hernandez (Chicago-Mt. Greenwood, Mt. Greenwood School), Social Awareness, Dan Ladd, Liturgy (Chicago-Beverly, St. Cajetan), Shakir Spells, Social Awareness (Chicago-Morgan Park, St. Ethelreda), and Chris Ward, Service (Oak Lawn, Simmons).

Each committee is also led by St. Rita’s SAVI Leaders who focus on the inclusion of Augustinian Values in everyday life at St. Rita High School.

The Knights of Augustine is operated out of The Campus Ministry Center at St. Rita.

“The Augustinian core values of Truth, Unity and Love undergird our existence as an educational institution.  The Knights of Augustine strive to incarnate the core values here at St. Rita High School and beyond.  The Knights dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort to having a lived and active faith.  They commit to the mission of their Commission by attending regular meetings, Masses, and service activities inside and outside the school. I am truly impressed to see such a lively faith in our young men!” said St. Rita Campus Ministry Team Member Friar Thomas Jackson, O.P.