St. Rita Students Gain Insight during Career Day

Last Friday St. Rita welcomed 11 professionals into the building to speak to the students about their futures. The “Career Day” was set up by Jill Nagel and the counseling department in an effort to help students start to think about their career paths as they move into college. Presentations were being given during five different class periods and each upperclassmen had the opportunity to listen to any of the speakers during those times. The students were able to engage with the speakers answering and asking questions while they presenters gave insight into their career paths and choices.

Overall it was a tremendous opportunity for the students of St. Rita to experience a variety of career choices and talk to some of the leading professionals in their respective areas. Below is a list of the professionals that spoke to the students.

Chicago Court Judge

Police Officer

Financial Analyst

Athletic Trainer

School Counselor

Civil Engineer

Computer Technician

Industrial Sales

Banker / Consultant


Account Manager