St. Rita Theatre Presents Dead Money



.. You’ve been invited to an evening of gambling and entertainment at the Lady Lux, a casino owned by the wealthy and well-connected Dona Mancini. The guest list includes a number of gambling enthusiasts—from high-rollers to novices—as well as the performers, dealers, and other staff employed by the Dona. Everyone is expecting an evening replete with games of chance, dinner, drinks, and maybe a show—they aren’t expecting a murder, a robbery, and a lock down until the killer is revealed.

Set in the roaring 1920’s, Dead Money is an interactive murder mystery dinner that will challenge guests to collect clues and find the killer and the motive before the end of the evening. Each show ends differently, and due to the high level of audience participation, no two nights will be the same. Prizes will be awarded to those who solve the crime and those who collect the most chips from casino games.

Do you have what it takes to solve the murder at the Lady Lux?

WHERE: St. Rita McCarthy Center WHEN: Friday, March 14 & Saturday, March 15 (additional dates added based upon ticket sales) TIME: 6:30pm (Dinner will be served) COST: $30 per person FOR TICKETS: Contact Ms. Pedersen at [email protected] (773) 925-6600 x6681 or BUY ONLINE