St. Rita To Introduce New Exam Schedule for December Finals

The St. Rita Curriculum Council, made up of the heads of each academic department along with the principal and vice-principals, have introduced to the faculty a new way to administer semester exams to the St. Rita students.

It all started last school year when each department collaborated to create outcomes for students after their freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years.  These outcomes would then act as a guide to each teacher within the department so that everyone is teaching the same concepts year to year.  Departments then met again several times to create outcomes for each class taught within that department, so if different teachers were teaching the same class, they would all be covering the same material, even if it’s in their own unique way.

This school year, with the new outcomes now already in place, the next step was to have collaboration on semester and final exams.  Teachers from each department again met on several occasions to create exams that were at least covering similar concepts.  The thought is that teachers could get together after the results of the exams are known to compare and contrast their students to those of another teacher who is teaching the same class.  Teachers can then be of help to one another going forward borrowing ideas from each other on how to better prepare their students for various sections of the exam.

The last step in the process will be put into place for the upcoming semester exams, which is to have all exams from each department to be held at the same time.  This brings a change to the schedule for exams that had been followed for many years.  Every St. Rita student will take their Math semester exam at 8:00am on Tuesday December 16th followed by their English exam at 9:15 and any electives they may have at 10:30.  Wednesday December 17th will start with Theology followed by Social Studies and finish again with electives, and on Thursday December 18th students will begin with Science followed by Foreign Language and again finishing with any electives they may have.  Only a few students will be required to be here on Friday the 19th for the last of the electives.

Vice-Principal Joe Partacz created a proctoring schedule for each teacher and administrator for the exams allowing teachers the opportunity to “float” when their departments’ exams are being administered so they can be available if any questions arise about their exam.

Article written by: John Nee '93