St. Rita Writing Workshop Prepares Seniors for College

Early Monday morning, an hour before school, on September 22, 16 seniors attended a college writing seminar hosted by guidance counselor Brian Hagen. Mr. Hagen says the workshop gives the students an understanding of the different essay formats they may see on college applications, and helps them prepare ideas about how to start the process.  The workshop also teaches students the basic "dos" and "don'ts" with college essays, and opens up lines of communication so they know St. Rita High School guidance counselors are here to help them through the process.

When asked how he motivates students to get up early and arrive at school before classes, Mr. Hagen points out how self-motivated St. Rita High School seniors are.  He adds, "If you are able to speak with students to identify a shared need many of them have, they are willing to come get the extra help at any time.  College essays are very daunting for most seniors; therefore, offering any kind of support is motivation in itself to help the students create the best essay, and let them know that the faculty and staff are here to support them through the process."