The Mustang Give

Welcome to The Mustang Give!  This is an opportunity for every member of the St. Rita family to realize that they can make a difference in the lives of young men.  That the Future Is Created By All! Remember, every gift counts as we strive to bring in $10,000 from The Mustang Give between May 15 and June 15.   Below are four different areas that you can direct your support to with your gift.  Each of these areas represents the diversity of the St. Rita Experience that our young men are able to take advantage of each day.  These four programs in some way make sure that our young men received the well-rounded education they need to succeed at the next level.
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Villanova Academic Study Center
St. Augustine believed that we should meet students where they are at, and bring them to where they need to be.  The Villanova Academic Study Center at St. Rita  does just that as it is designed to provide the additional attention that some young men need through tutoring and small group work.  In this program, in addition to the tutoring they receive, Freshmen take a double period of Algebra their first year to set the foundation for success in future math classes as well as a class on organizational skills and critical thinkingA gift designated for this area will help provide the materials needed to assist these students in setting a strong foundation for a successful career at St. Rita.

Tennis Program Yes – St. Rita has a Tennis Team!  This year a group of students led by some seniors persuaded the administration to begin a tennis team.  So far it has gone extremely well.  This inaugural season the team consists of 14 members representing each grade level, and is led by their coach Mr. Dan Madden. Though this sport was not budgeted for, the school felt it was an opportunity to provide more young men with the chance to participate in an extracurricular activity.

A gift designated for this area will help offset the costs of court rental, league fees, uniforms, and transportation.  It will also help to insure that the tennis team will be back for another successful season next year! Emergency Tuition Assistance Each year there are some St. Rita families that suffer through a financial hardship due to loss of job or illness. It seems that this year there has been many more than normal.  As it is the belief of Fr. Tom and the St. Rita administration to not lose any current students due to financial hardship we work very hard to provide these families with the assistance they need – even though our budget amount of Tuition Assistance has been used. A gift designated  for Tuition Assistance will go directly to help one of our current families get through a difficult time.  Your gift, regardless of size, will help make sure that one of our young men is able to continue at St. Rita High School! General Assistance Many people want to give and have the desire to assist with the entire mission.  Thank you!  You can assist with making sure that the St. Rita mission of excellence continues by designating your gift for General Assistance.  This will allow us to use your gift for areas such as Teachers’ salaries, the Kairos Retreat program, general repairs to our 50 year old campus, and general academic support.

Regardless of which area you choose to make your gift, please know that you will make a difference! Because, the Future Is Created By All!

Student Stories

As we ask you to Give Back to St. Rita High School, we want to highlight certain students currently enrolled at St. Rita that have made a profound impact in the hallways, classrooms, athletic fields and community in general.

They rely on the financial assistance provided by the St. Rita High School Family.  Without our generous alumni and friends, these students would not be enriching our daily lives and making such significant contributions to our school.

Every gift—regardless of size—will make a difference.  If you are an alumnus, you were once helped by the alumni that came before you…you just never realized it.

It’s your turn to Give Back.

A story about a St. Rita junior

One of the members of our junior class has recently gone through some very difficult times.  He is an unbelievable student, taking all honors classes and several A.P. classes while being a key member to a sports team here.  This student is a bona fide “good kid,” described by veteran teachers as one of the “best, nicest, most positive kids in our building.”

What is making things difficult for him and his family is that his father recently lost his job and now to pay for the ever-mounting bills in the family, his whole retirement fund is being tapped into.  What’s worse, is that their house was damaged in an unusual situation and now they will be renovating and making costly repairs to their home.

All this while trying to provide tuition for the young Ritaman and helping all other members of his family.

The family is grateful to be receiving financial help because it means they can keep their son enrolled at St. Rita.  He is destined for great things and what he is learning here at St. Rita will prepare him for the many challenges he will face later in life.  We care very strongly about our current students and their families and need to do whatever is in our power to keep them enrolled.  This young man can change the lives of so many around him—he already has!


A story about a St. Rita senior

One of our seniors is a young man who always wears a bright smile on his face and doesn’t seem to know that school gets “dismissed” at 2:20—he is in the building doing some activity/club/sport until dinnertime on most nights.

This senior will enroll next fall for college after being active in student government for four years, serving as an Alter Server for the St. Rita Novena, and being a member of several athletic teams and clubs.

This senior is the beneficiary of financial aid from our donors and alumni.  Taking him out of the hallways would leave a giant hole in our school that would be very difficult to fill.

This past Christmas season, unbeknownst to him, this senior was helped tremendously by St. Rita’s Christmas Giving Tree Program.  If you’re not familiar with it, it is a student-led campaign designed to raise money to purchase Christmas items for less-fortunate families who struggle to provide Christmas gifts for their children.

It’s a moving experience when our families are able to get a little assistance from members of the St. Rita community.  The Mustang Give is another opportunity to help this young man and his peers.


To see a quick video of St. Rita senior, Zach Soria, please click HERE

For The Mustang Give Video #2, featuring junior Liam Ford....please click HERE