Summer Reading 2018


Veritas Program: Dreamland & Summer Reading

The Veritas Program is underway, as we have begun to examine the opioid epidemic and attendant heroin crisis that has swept our nation over the last few decades.  Every returning student (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors) was given a copy of Sam Quinones' award-winning book, Dreamland.  In the book Quinones explores the financial, communal, legal, scientific and moral dimensions of the issue.  The author will visit St. Rita on October 17 to speak to students and discuss his book.  In addition, we are planning for guest speakers from various fields who will lead smaller, break-out sessions for the students.  It promises to be a most interesting and informative day. 


Class of 2022:

Incoming freshmen who are enrolled in Honors Freshman English will be mailed a copy of Dreamland with their class schedules later in June.  They should read the book by the time school starts.

Incoming Freshmen who are enrolled in College Prep (regular) English will be given a copy of Dreamland at the beginning of the school year.  During the summer, these students will read the classic by Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird.

The table below shows the expectations for various levels of students.

Summer August
Freshmen (Class of 2022) Honors Read Dreamland Discuss book in various classes
College Prep Read To Kill a Mockingbird Read Dreamland Part 1 & Discuss in various classes
Sophomores (Class of 2021) Honors Read Dreamland Assessment & Discussion
College Prep Read Dreamland Part 1-4 Complete reading; Assessment & Discuss
Juniors & Seniors - Option 1 Read entire Dreamland Participate in informal group discussion - no assessment
Juniors & Seniors - Option 2 Read Dreamland Part 1 Complete reading and take assessments