Spirit Week Continues, Honoring Students for their Outstanding Participation in Clubs and Activities

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On Wednesday, we honored those who stand out in extracurricular activities.  We have many great clubs and organizations here at St. Rita and their success is because of the hard work and dedication of many students.  This dedication does not go unnoticed and is truly what makes St. Rita such an amazing school.   Each club moderator was asked to select one or two members of their club that have stood out as having demonstrated an exceptional spirit for participating in extracurricular activities during the 2017-2018 School Year.

Those selected are:

Chess Team – Payton Condon ’18 & Mel Gade ’21

Cooking Club – Victor Martinez ’18

French Club – Zack Aleman ’19 & Kevin O'Hara ’19

Latin Club – Jack Brazel ’18 & Ryan Fitzgerald ’20

Model UN – Sky Shimkus ’21

Pro-Life Club – Stephen Viz ’18

“RitaMen Weep” Improv – Bobby Montelongo ’18

S.A.D.D. – Julian Esparza ’19 & Brian Gralak ’19

Scholastic Bowl – Stephen Viz ’18

Seinfeld Club – Jack Brazel ’18

Social Justice Club – Luis Gallardo ’21

Spanish Club – Patrick Cranley ’20 & Connor Earley ’20

Stage Crew – Michael Jurek ’18

STEM Club – Kyle Gustafson ’19 & Tommy Troesch ’19

Stock Club – Zack Aleman ’19, Henry Ryan ’19 & Mike Morris ’20

Student Government – Will March ’18

The Natir – Kyle Gustafson ’19 & Thomas Gleason ’21

Theater – Victor Martinez ’18 & Graham Heise ’19

Yearbook – Aaron Jones ’18 & Andres Ramirez ’18

Student Athletes Honored with the Coach Jay Standring Award


Spirit Week honors continued on Tuesday, when student athletes were presented with the Coach Jay Standring Awards.  Recipients of this award are those who stand out in athletics, but not just by their stats and success on the field, rather their role as teammates.  Each coach was asked to select one team member for the Coach Jay Standring Award that has stood out as being the teammate who exemplifies work ethic and always puts his teammates and coaches first during the 2017-2018 School Year.

Students who received the Coach Jay Standring Award are:

JV Track – Saul Garcia ’21

Varsity Track – Mick Doyle ’19

Freshman Basketball – Aidan Connolly ’21

Sophomore Basketball – Evan Wojcicki ’20

Varsity Basketball – Ray Falk ’18

Freshman Football – Owen Kelly ’21

Sophomore Football – Tahrhon Haynes ’20

Varsity Football – Chris Sauer ’18

JV Golf – Liam McKillop ’21

Varsity Golf    – Michael Henze ’19

Freshman Wrestling – Saul Garcia ’21

JV Wrestling – Jimmy Moylan ’20

Varsity Wrestling – Nate Bennett ’18

Freshman Lacrosse – David Tolley ’21

JV Lacrosse – Nick Adent ’20

Varsity Lacrosse – Conor Larkin ’19

JV Hockey – Jimmy Larkin ’20


Varsity Hockey – Andrew Capuano ’20

Freshman Soccer – Saul Garcia ’21

Sophomore Soccer – Kevin Murphy ’20

Varsity Soccer – Jose Allencastro ’19

Varsity Cross Country – Lorenzo Alvarez ’19

Freshman Baseball – Emilio Alvarez ’21

Sophomore Baseball – Miggy Zavala ’20

Varsity Baseball – Payton Condon ’18

JV Water Polo – Daniel Flores ’20

Varsity Water Polo – Daniel Burns ’20

JV Swimming – Zack Aleman ’19

Varsity Swimming – Jake Kuska ’20

Freshman Volleyball –Ryan Hixson ’21

Sophomore Volleyball – Luke O'Grady ’20

Varsity Volleyball – Paul Miller ’18

Bowling – Andres Ramirez ’18

St. Rita Honors Students for Academics during Spirit Week

On Monday, April 9, in conjunction with St. Rita's Spirit Week, those students who stand out in the classroom were honored.  Faculty members were asked to identify students from each grade level that exemplify the greatest curiosity and affinity for academics, who are engaged and leaders in class activities/discussion, who listen well to others, and who show a good work ethic day in and day out. These are students who stand out as having demonstrated an exceptional spirit for learning during the 2017-2018 School Year:

The following students were selected:

Malcolm Banks ’18

Ryan Caulfield ’18

Patrick Fisler ’18

Tyler Jenkins ’18

David Mearsheimer ’18

Jose Max Perez ’18

Sean Smith ’18

Douglas Cosey ’19

Liam Daly ’19

Mick Doyle ’19

Edwardo Serrano ’19

Jacob Stefanski ’19

Drake Tucker ’19

Nicholas Adent ’20

Justin Darwin ’20


Thomas Hixson ’20

Shea Kosyla ’20

Ryan Kraft ’20

Alec Millender ’20

Kevin Murhpy ’20

Jack Nolan ’20

Conor Aguilar ’21

Nick Capuano ’21

Brian Deenihan ’21

Mel Gade ’21

Mykhai Harris ’21

Owen Kelly ’21

Angel Valdes ’21

Carson Vetor ’21

Henry Wilson ’21

St. Rita Welcomes the Aussies!


This group is in the Saint Rita exchange program with Villanova College in Brisbane Australia.   The Australian students are staying with their American host families, shadowing them in classes at Saint Rita and doing tourist activities for two weeks.   Our American students will then travel to Villanova College in Brisbane Australia at the end of May for two weeks with chaperone Kevin Reed.