Excellence in Academics

St. Rita of Cascia High School is completely committed to a College Preparatory curriculum. All students are placed in an academic program that is tailored to meet their needs. Our course of studies will challenge each student to fully develop his intellectual talents.

The Augustinian Academy allows qualified students the opportunity of accelerated course work. The Mendel Academic Program provides students all the essential tools for success at the college level. The program structured through the Villanova Academic Study Center provides individual attention, small group work, and advice regarding study and organizational skills to those who need some assistance. All students, regardless of their academic program, may avail themselves of the services offered by the Villanova Academic Study Center.

We are proud of our students and honored that the United States Board of Education has cited St. Rita as an Exemplary Secondary school. On average 98% of our students continue on to college. The senior class of 2015, totaling 181 young men, earned $17.6 million dollars in scholarships, and are currently enrolled in prestigious universities across the country. Virtually all of these scholarships were academic or leadership awards.

Shane Peisker United States Naval Academy

Shane Peisker

United States Naval Academy

Karl Wilson DePauw University

Karl Wilson

DePauw University

Trevor Scianna Villanova University

Trevor Scianna

Villanova University

Kevin Foster Loyola University

Kevin Foster

Loyola University

Joseph Henze Clemson University

Joseph Henze

Clemson University

Gilberto Martinez Knox College

Gilberto Martinez

Knox College


St. Rita of Cascia High School’s Curriculum will:

  • Enhance the rigor of our Augustinian, college prep program by requiring all students to take 7 classes each semester;
  • Offer 8 semesters of Theology classes for all students;
  • Offer 17 exciting elective and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Theology, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education/Health;
  • Require credit in Fine Arts for graduation;
  • Assist juniors and seniors to take control of their own course of studies while still meeting or exceeding all graduation requirements;
  • Help juniors and seniors to target their course choices toward areas of strength, interest and need;
  • Offer seniors a competitive advantage in college selection and admissions;
  • Offer faculty professional time to work on curriculum development, grading and teaching techniques; and
  • Use our time more efficiently for the benefit of students and faculty.

*Click here for a comprehensive listing of elective courses and their descriptions

*Click here for a Course Description Guide for the Class of 2021 only

Beginning with the Class of 2015, students will earn 28 credits for graduation.

Diploma Requirements

All Students, including those involved in the Villanova Academic Study Center, must meet the same college preparatory graduation requirements of St. Rita High School:

  • 4 Years Theology
  • 4 Years English
  • 3 Years Math
    • (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II required)
  • 3 Years Science (Biology required)
  • 3 Years Social Studies
    • (U.S. History and American Government required)
  • 2 Years Foreign Language (Same language)
  • 1 Semester Health
  • 7 Semesters of Electives (minimum)
  • Pass a comprehensive exam on the United States and Illinois Constitutions

In addition to the academic diploma requirements, students are required to complete service hours and write a reflection paper in each of the freshman, sophomore, and junior years.


St. Rita High School employs 49 faculty members, 23 of whom hold advanced degrees. The Student-Teacher ratio is 15:1.

Honors Courses

St. Rita High School offers honors level courses to qualifying students in the following subject areas:

English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Science, Technology


Advanced Placement Courses

St. Rita High School offers advanced placement level courses to qualifying students in the following:

AP Art: 2D Design, AP Chemistry, AP Latin, AP Spanish, AP Art: Studio Drawing, AP English, AP Music, AP U.S. History, AP Calculus, AP French, AP Psychology, AP World History

Class Rank

St. Rita High School student rank is calculated at the end of each semester using cumulative grade point averages. Student rank incorporates cumulative grade point averages that may be weighted with additional value for honors and/or advanced placement courses.


Academic Honor Roll

St. Rita High School has two levels of distinction for academic excellence, which are:

Gold (first) Honors: Student earned a semester GPA of at least 4.0
Silver (second) Honors: Student earned a semester GPA of 3.0-3.99

Transcript Information

St. Rita High School’s academic year is divided into two semester with official grades reported in January and June.

Abbreviations used on the transcripts include: 
H: Honors Course, AP: Advanced Placement Course, SS: Summer School Course, W: Withdrawal, F-WD: Failure-Withdrawl

Summer school grades are not averaged into the GPA. Physical education courses are taken for credit, however, grade points are not awarded.

A comprehensive program of counseling services are available to the student body. The philosophy of our counseling program is the recognition of the personal worth, Christian dignity, and uniqueness of each individual student. At St. Rita, counseling services are an integral and significant part of the total educational program.

ACT Test
Information and registration available at www.actstudent.org

Links for Students and Parents

Counseling Office Staff

Wes Benak ’81  Director of Guidance  

Wes Benak ’81 
Director of Guidance

Jill Nagel Counselor  

Jill Nagel

Brian Hagen ’04 Counselor

Brian Hagen ’04


The philosophy of our counseling program is the recognition of the personal worth, Christian dignity, and uniqueness of each individual student.

1:1 iPad Program 

Dear St. Rita Parents and Guardians,

It is with great enthusiasm that St. Rita High School announces the extension of our SR 1:1 iPad Program.  All students will be required to have an iPad to use in their classes beginning August 2015.

The implementation of the iPads as a primary teaching and learning tool for our freshmen was successful this past academic year, and we believe there are even greater possibilities with our upperclassmen.

Integration of this tool into our curriculum offers exciting opportunities in teaching and learning, student initiative and leadership, presentations, streamlined communication, organization and innovative assignments and assessments.

All teachers will be required to replace the current traditional textbooks with electronic texts and/or primary and secondary materials available on the internet, and students in the classes of 2016-2019 will be required to purchase an iPad. Please click the "Minimum iPad Requirements" and "Required iPad Apps" links below to view our recommendations. 

While we know this is an investment of your family resources, we believe this will help prepare our students for college and the working world, and there will be a savings on textbook purchases.

As always, families who have demonstrated financial need in meeting their tuition and school-related expenses will be able to apply for tuition-related assistance.

If you have general questions about the iPad initiative, please direct them to Brendan Conroy, Principal, at bconroy@stritahs.com or phone extension 6615.  For technical questions, please contact

Paul Harrington, Director of Technology, at pharrington@stritahs.com or phone extension 6675.


Brendan Conroy, Principal

Paul Harrington, Director of Technology



Student iPad Registration Form

Minimum iPad Requirements